Beauty Of Shan Natives
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DAY - 01    
8:00 AM • Breakfast at the hotel. Conqueror Hotel ~ Htut Ni - 3 km.
9:00 AM Start the trekking to Htut Ni.  
9:45 AM • Arrive to Htut Ni.  
9:45 - 10:45 AM • Strolling and chatting with the native, Danu  
10:45 AM • Also to visit a small cave (about 100ft wide)in which you may sight the ancient Buddah images. Htut Ni ~ Si Kya Inn - 4km
12:15AM Head to Si Kya Inn.  
12:15 - 1:30PM • Arrive to Si KyaInn where the native, Danu  
1:30PM Danu and 90 house holds (500) people live,chatting and sight seeing and have lunch. Si Kya Inn ~ Ya Sa Kyi - 4km
3:00PM Proceed to Yasakyi.  
3:00PM -Overnight • Arrive to Yasakyi where Palaung 70 house holds 400 people live it took about one and half hour due to ascent and the rough road.  
  • Chatting with Palaung and sight seeing.  
  • Have dinner and overnight at monastry.  
DAY - 02    
6:00 AM • Have breakfast up and down - 3.5hrs
7:00 AM Mountaing Mt Yasakyi , about 7,000 ft above sea level , took 2.5hrs due to ascent and rough road.  
9:00 AM • Will be at peak and sight the panoramic view.  
  • FYI : the inhabitants, Palaung celebrate the Traditional Festival, Tar-Tak on the 8th of Lunar Calendar.  
10:00 AM • Dismount from Mt Yasakyi.  
11:30 AM • Will reach to the basement and proceed to Mene Taung.  
12:30 AM • Arrive to Mene Taung, inhabitant is Pa-O it has 150 houses (300 people) . Mene Taung ~ Pin Sein Pin - 4km
12:30 - 1:00 PM • Wandering around,chatting and sightseeing  
1:00 PM • Left to Pinsein Pin , its inhabitant is Danu and has 50 houses (300 people).  
2:30 - 3:30 PM • Arrive to Pinsin Pin village  
  • Have lunch, take a rest, sightseeing.  
  Then proceed to Htin Shu kone .  
3:30 PM • Arrive to Htin Shu Kone where the tribe Danu 50 houses (500 people) live. Pin Sein Pin ~ Htin Shu Kone - 2km
4:00 PM • Chatting with native and sightseeing.  
  Then proceed to Kanhla Kone.  
6:00PM -Overnight • Arrive to Kanhla Kone.The native is Danu and it has 100 houses (500 people).Take a rest or stroll an chatting with the native. Htin Shu Kone - 4km
  • Dinner and overnight at monastry.  
DAY - 03    
6:30 AM • Have breakfast Kanhla Kone ~ Pan Sit - 3km
7:00 AM Start the trekking Pan Sit  
8:00 AM • Arrive to Pan Sit.  
8:00 - 9:00 AM • Observe the spring water Dam which is sup- plying to Pindaya.  
9:00 AM • Then proceed to Kyan Kin Myaung. Kyan Kin Myaung ~ Pin Sein Pin - 2km
9:30 AM • Arrive to Kyan Kin Myaung.  
9:30 AM • Then proceed to Pin Sein Pin.  
10:00 AM • Arrive to Pinsin Pin village.  
10:00 - 10:30AM • Have a stroll and visit natives' houses.  
10:00 AM • Start to Pan O Kyal (Palaung village).  
10:30 - 11:00AM • Have rest and chat with natives.  
11:00 AM • Proceed to Ohne At village.  
12:00 Noon • Arrive to Ohne At  
12:00 - 1:00 PM • Have lunch, take a rest, visit houses.  
1:00 PM • Start trekking to Kan Taung (Palaung village)  
3:00 PM • Arrive to Kan Taung village  
3:00PM- Overnight • Have chat with Palaung and observe their lifestyle.  
  • Have dinner at village head house and sleep there.  
DAY - 04    
6:00 AM • Have breakfast.  
7:00 AM • Proceed to Nyaung Kaug.  
8:30 AM • Arrive to Nyaung Kaug .  
8:30 - 9:30 AM • Have a rest.  
9:30 AM • Then proceed to Thein Kone .  
11:30 AM • Arrive to Thein Kone.  
11:30 - 12:00AM • Make a stroll and have a rest.  
12:00 AM • Then proceed to Shwe Pahtoe.  
1:00 PM • Arrive to Shwe Pahtoe and transport will pick up.  
1:45 PM • Arrive back to Pindaya  

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